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kill me. i'm just the messenger. goodnight.uch for >>> new developments tonight in the benghazi scandal at the center of these coach. s developments, an incriminates e-mail. the white house hastily constructed what was an awkward some might say clumsy defense of their words and actions. the white house now claims there were two, two sets of talking points given to susan rice before she went on five sunday talk shows and famously and repeatedly lied to the nation about what happened this benghazi. the new white house examination comes one day after a freedom of information request by judicial watch produced the incriminal natures e-mail from rhodes to 12 members of the president's senior staff. the e-mail dated september 14 with the subject line reading prep call with susan states the goal for her national tv appearances was, quote, to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. press secretary jay carney today struggled to attempt to persuade the white house press core that this e-mail was not even about benghazi. >> it was
separate from the attack on benghazi. >> dismissal. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, why aren't we talking about something else. >> conspiracy theorys by the republicans and this one turned out to be bogus. >> where is the truth? >> we knew it was a hostile action. >> the house begins a new investigation in the benghazi attacks. >> as clipper's owner donald sterling fights the nba. kareem abdull jabber said the log should have acted a long time ago. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you, thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee, from the fox news studios in new york city. september of 2012, just days after the brutal murders of four americans in the diplomatic outpost in benghazi, libya, i was perhaps to say outright that our government loyed to us about what happened. it is been two years, and through subkwent hearings and leaks and investigative reports and ever- changing reports from the current administration, i never had to recant or clarify my original blunt statement. this week judicial watch finally obtained bombshell e-mails revealing that the t
. >> amid benghazi terror attack front and center in washington as house law makers try to get to the bottom of how the white house responded to the terrorist attack that took the hives of four americans in september 11th, 2012. and another panel, issuing a subpoena for secretary of state john kerry to answer questions about the white house's response not only in the initial days after the attack but the months that follow. many republican law makers believe that the president misled the people. they told fox news earlier today that the administration is playing games with their investigation. >> all of this could have been resolved a yearing on, they are slowly releasing documents and with holding documents we are fighting the battle. get it resolved and move on. >> meanwhile democrats in congress said the moves to investigate benghazi is a political stunt. senate majority leader harry reid calling the investigation a waste of money and time. but right now the hunt for answers will go on. >> reporter: former national security admitted he made talking po that conflicts with the the white ho
the other night regarding benghazi. saying, dude, this was like 2 years ago. that is a protester outside of the washington hilton. oehler. amy p with gary t one more here. residential -- presidential historian. again, we are at and facebook. and lots of pictures at back to the red carpet. we are about 40 minutes a way from the president's arrival and the festivities inside of the ball rolling. we'll have that for you live on c-span. the president will speak at about 10:15 p.m. and then we'll hear from joel mchale it also features a brunch with well-known producer larry king's show. a washington insider. the brunch is not only a gathering for celebrities and the white house correspondents at a fundraiser as well. a number of the guests at the brunch are at the dinner. guiliannaffy, marguilles. will show you some the activities at the brunch earlier today. thee will show you some of activities at the brunch earlier today. >> yeah, yeah. no pressure. >> where to get your news from? >> espn. [laughter] >> who is your favorite white house corre
, then we learned that the administration may have misled us about benghazi. only 67% of obamacare envoys have actually paid for coverage. tonight, if the white house thinks this job report is going to erase all that company may have another think thing coming. i am david asman and four neil cavuto. all they we have been hearing everyone celebrated new jobs numbers. but we are digging in and finding out that things are not as great as a lot of democrats are making them out to be. the unemployment rate dropped dramatically to 6.3%. that is because less people are working or looking for work. a lot less people. smith has more on why this is nothing to celebrate. >> thank you for having me, david. these numbers -- it wasn't a bad report, but it wasn't a good record. we increased -- rather decreased by 806,000 jobs. and if we keep up this path we are on, participation rate, if we get it down to 10%, we will have zero unemployment. these numbers are ridiculous. we are using data points to dictate policy. that means the data point is no longer of any value. so to say that this president has br
you she's saying now. >>> right now there is growing backlash and controversy over benghazi. john boehner announcing the formation of a select committee that will investigate this as another key panel issuing a subpoena to secretary of state john kerry. he's expected to testify before that panel in three weeks. all this as those newly released e-mails are raising even more questions about the obama administration's response to that terrible terrorist attack. doug mcelway live with the very latest on everything. >> reporter: new headline may be emerging from bret baier's interview thursday with tommy vietor. he admits to having made significant changes to the talking points, adding references to cairo and protests and possibly changing the wording attacks to demonstrations. catherine herridge points out that that conflicts directly with the testimony of former deputy c.i.a. director mike moral, that only technical changes were made. listen up. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, t
five". >> did the administration> deliberately deceive americans about the benghazi attack? today house speaker john boehner announced a special committee ie being formed to investigate. the move comes days after newly released e-mails revealed a white house aide advisor, susan rice, to tell the world that protests due to a video led them to attack americans that night. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking aboutrdin something else? >> what difference at this point does it make? >> dude, this is like two years ago. we're still talk being -- >> dude, it's the thing that everybody is talking about. >> and president obama is part of that chorus. >> your detractors believe you did not tell the world it was a terrorist attack because your campaign didn't want that out. that's what they believe. >> and they believe it because folks like you are tell ming them that. >> once again, finger pointing o at someone else, not accepting the responsibility, eric. >> dude, let me tell you something. i'm going to try and start every sentence with dude. so dude, it was two years ago. yeah
response to the benghazi terror attacks that killed four brave americans. now a special house committee will investigate what critics brand a white house cover-up that misled the nation. what supporters call a republican political stunt, insisting no wrongdoing by the administration. all this is just for the upcoming hearings. doug mckelway has the latest on what to expect. >> top republicans claim the smoking gun e-mail should have been released to congress months ago. the release this week only because of a foia request by judicial watch. it was a tipping point for house speaker john boehner. darrell issa of the house oversight committee is subpoenaing secretary of state john kerry to testify later this month on whether there are other unreleased documents. >> we're still not getting documents as we have requested. we've turned all these things over as far as the subpoena. and we're asking them to turn over the documents that we have requested. these things are trickling out, we're asking the simple question, when will we get all of the documents? he obviously wasn't in the lead when
construction jobs and rebuilding america. >> what was the republican reply? to rain on the parade. >> benghazi. >> benghazi. >> diversion. benghazi. >> the people in the white house have lied about this. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. >> the details about benghazi. >> they don't want to talk about jobs, growth, immigration reform, voting rights, you name it. >> they won't raise wages for millions of working families. >> i don't think there should be a national minimum wage. >> studies show if you raise it, you get more unemployment. >> it's not the government's business to be raising the minimum wage. >> it makes no sense. >> we're now just hours away from one of the biggest nights in washington. the white house correspondents' dinner. it's a chance for the president to sit back and have a few laughs. sometimes at the expense of the journalist who cover him daily and sometimes with those journalists. it's been a good week for the president. the economy added 288,000 new jobs last month, exceeding expectations. and driving the unemployment rate down to 6.3%, the lowest since 2008. more than 8
to the stage tonight to collect an award for some of her reporting on the obama administration on benghazi she did last year. >> that's fantastic. excellent. i was just about to say, all of the celebs are making the reporters and politico secondary, not any more. now brianna will upstage everybody. >> reporter: exactly. >> erin mcpike, thanks so much. appreciate it. >>> cnn gives you the best seat in the house for the correspondent's dinner from the red carpet to the main event, live coverage starts tonight at 8:00 eastern time. >>> overseas, search teams have spent millions of dollars and weeks of effort looking for flight 370. that was before an australian company said it had found possible underwater evidence of an airplane. now three ships are chasing that lead, straight ahead. we'll tell you what they may or may not have found. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare that's a man interviewino.for a job. not that one. that one. the one who seems like he's already got the job 'cause he stu
further than it is, because it could lead to the white house like the benghazi e-mail, and the administration is not going to allow that to happen if it can help it. >> leslie, do you think that the president -- this could lead to the president and eric holder doesn't want to get that far? >> no. i don't believe that at all. i know that cal and others want to believe that. you know, the reason that the gop is mad at issa, and i can't believe i'm actually going to defend issa for a moment here in california. this is frightening. but he doesn't have a smoking gun, because he can't find a smoking gun, because there is no smoking gun. the irs has done what congress asked them to do, and what they required them to do. when we look at the actual information that came out, the language to target, quite frankly, was more toward progressive groups, like a.c.o.r.n. and medical marijuana facilities. were tea party groups targeted more than other conservative groups? absolutely. were they targeted more than other progressive groups? no. and actually, as of may, i think it was
>>> this week on the "journal editorial report" newly released benghazi e-mail put the white house on the defensive, and raised fresh questions for hillary clinton as she gears up for 2016. >>> plus, harry reid in the hot seat as vulnerable senate democrats demand a vote on the k keystone pipeline. >>> and a big win for rick perry as toyota moves from california to texas. can he ride the record all the way to the white house? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report" i'm paul gigot. fresh questions about the obama report to shake the narrative in the days following september 11, 2012, the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, that killed four american diplomats. an e-mail showed a white house official played a role and susan race and her talk show appearances. ben rhodes writing in an e-mail two days before that the administration wanted her, quote, to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video, and not a broader failure of policy. joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan henninger. matt kominski and columnist mary anasta
outpost in benghazi. kerry plans to be in mexico that day, and that the department will review his schedule. house lead verers have called f new committee to investigate. >> there are reports now that speaker boehner is preparing to create a special select committee to look into benghazi. is that something you have talked to him about at all? what is your reaction to that? >> that would be news to me. i've not been informed by the speaker of his plans to establish such a commission, is it? benghazi is such a very sad event, more than event, a tragedy. >> you'll be able to catch that entire interview tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. on "up" with steve kornacki. >>> a congressional subcommittee will be holding a hearing next week on washington, d.c.'s proposed new law decriminalizing marijuana. under the new law, those found with small amounts of pot would be subject to a $25 fine, not jail time. smoke pot, meanwhile, in public remains illegal. that bill passed the d.c. council with a 10-1 vote back in march. the mayor signed it into law. so why does congress have the final say on a local ordin
committee to investigate and a key panel -- john kerry to testify, the benghazi investigation is gaining steam. top republicans say those e-mails should have been released to congress months ago and boehner indicated that changed his mind about forming this committee. one republican said the fact these documents only came to light this week and not through the regular committee document request to the white house is deeply troublesome. >> the predicated line of thinking that was politically protecting the president and the state department instead of coming up with the facts about what is happening with benghazi. you have to remember, too, tucker, that the president is involved in this. he's talking about this video at the united nations. this is a smoking gun that's locked and loaded. >> by and large, the american public appears to agree with that assessment. a fox news poll shows that by a margin of 61 to 26%, voters believe the quhous is trying to cover up what happened in benghazi, rather than being open and transparent. those views are mostly unchangeded since last year. meanwhile,
think about 2014, i think you can expect them to focus on other issues like health care and benghazi because there's no doubt that the economy is showing signs of strength and that's good for democrats, t.j. >> thank you as always. >>> continuing with politics. we learned from the white house the president will visit little rock, arkansas, that area of course that was hit hard and tour some of the devastation left by last week's deadly tornado and severe thunderstorm. 15 people died in that storm. >>> former secretary of state condoleezza rice is backing out of delivering the commencement address at rutgers. some students and faculty were protesting her visit over her role in the iraq war. in a posting, rice says she didn't want to distract from the spirit of the ceremony. >>> house spoker john boehner announced he will appoint a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack in benghazi that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. the committee issued a subpoena to force secretary of state john kerry to testify on the attacks, something ranking democrat e elijah c
about a possible white house cover up on benghazi. no wonder americans have lost trust in our government. and then. >> i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. >> the white house correspondence dinner turns 100 years old tonight. but we debate the question, is the media getting too chumy with the president and his staff. bill o'reilly answered a cashing in zone right now. >> hi, everyone. welcome to cashing in. our cashing in crew in a moment. but first, the king of cable, bill o'reilly going from his no spin zone to our cashing in hot seat. i spoke to him a short time ago. >> a couple of explosive stories in the last couple of weeks shining a light on race in america. this past week donald sterling. what are your thoughts on the state of race in america? >> i think america has done a fairly good job of trying to write historical wrongs. put trillions of dollars into programs to help minorities and a lot of those programs have been effective. if you're smart and you go and get educated, you can compete in this country and in 60 years i think that is
think the big thing is that president obama has been deceitful on so many fronts whether it be benghazi or obamacare that there may be no other option than contempt and i think we see how deceitful that it's here because the democrats are already trying to push through legislation looking to see what type of information the tea party uses on its forms to then make that illegal going forward. >> and rich, bottom line is, again, we get back to this american charge, un-american charge, who do you think is right here? louis lerner or the people that say what she did is wrong? >> selective enforcement of the law makes a mockery of the law. if urban police target african americans disproportionally liberals will scream and the liberals are right to do that because that is un-american. this is just flatly un-american to selectively go against only conservative 501 c 3. >> of course this obama administration is not going to be here indefinitely. people on the right and the left should be agreeing on this because the fact is eventually it could be the groups on the left who are targeted if we al
about thing benghazi attack? >> a wave of hysteria. >> a select committee on benghazi. >> we've being produced tens of thousands of items for the hearings. >> latest voyages in syria's civil war. >> also reports that the syrian government, attacked with chlorine gas. >> men women being deliberately targeted, a flagrant violation of the basic tenets of war. >> we begin with the deadliest day of ukraine since the toppling of viktor yanukovych in february. 33 people killed after a fire engulfed a building inning odessa. battling in the streets with ukraine loyalists. police say most died of smoke inhalation, while others were killed jumping from windows. the dramatic explosion of violence started early friday when two ukrainian military helicopters were shot down and at least three people killed after ukrainian forces launched their first major force in be slovyansk, a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin called the offense a criminal act and called for a special united nations meetings. at the white house, president obama and angela merkel displayed a voice of unity against ru
joke. i think it is probably fair game. however, something like benghazi where you had the deaths of american overseas and tragedy like that, that is off the table. i'm sure the president will want to do zingers fox news way. fox gets under his skin. this is a good change for him to ping ed henry a bit. >> kim, what would you expect? what would your joke or jokes be tonight? >> all i know, i think donald sterling is not only on the chopping block as far as i know on the table -- i would say to joel mchale, i would caution you going against michelle. leave michelle alone. leave the sister alone and everything else is fair game. the trick is to talk about everything everybody is talking about. talk about what everybody is thinking about and just go for it. leave michelle alone or you will be in trouble. >> clearly he will be in trouble with kim. >> and the president. >> kim coles and professor brinkley, thank you. >>> it is time for the mint juleps although it is 10:30 in the morning. >> we will go to the kentucky derby coming up. i procrastinat ♪ did you know that 1 in 5 people h
is benghazi in 2012 that killed four americans and a u.s. ambassador. it is a rallying cry for the gop conservative base. the e-mail from deputy national security advisor for communications ben rhodes surfaced. he sent talking points about benghazi to susan rice. the e-mail read, in part, underscore these are rooted in a video and not in policy. the white house had hammered home the point it did not send talking points to rice. two, that e-mail was not turned over to congress when subpoenaed documents related to benghazi. hence the outcry. i sat down for an interview in 2012 with president obama and asked if there was a security threat to the u.s. in benghazi. >> before the attack which killed ambassador stevens, were you aware of any request to increase security? >> you know, i was not personally aware of any request. obviously, we have an infrastructure that is set up to manage requests like that, but we will find out exactly what happens. ultimately though, anytime there is a death of an american overseas, i want to find out what happened because my most important job as president i
interviewed nancy pelosi. she made some big news about benghazi. we will have more on that later this hour. that's not the only reason it's good to be here in d.c. this weekend. the president of the united states addressed members of the white house press corps in a joint briefing yesterday. he talked about matters important to both countries, the situation in ukraine, surveillance, big domestic news here at home, the latest job numbers unemployment plunging to its lowest level in six years. in an hour from o now, the president will be addressing members of the press corps in a highly anticipated annual speech. one with a lot more punch lines than the annual state of the union address. that's right, tonight is the white house response dinner. maybe you love it, hate it, somewhere in the middle, but you know what it's about. it's the one night a year when the reporters who cover the president, the presidents themselves get together socially to break bread and crack jokes at their own expense. every president has put himself through this ritual at least once, although it wasn't always quite
and host of cbs sports nfl today. bob will also discuss ukraine and the benghazi investigation with senator lindsey graham republican of south carolina. >>> the verdict mixed in a closely watched case that pitted two technology giants on friday a federal jury in san jose california decided that samsung and apple infringed on each other's patents. betty yu of our station kpix an ongoing battle between the two companies. >> reporter: in the messy legal fight between the biggest smartphone makers a federal jury said both companies ripped off ideas and violated patents on some newer devices, like the iphone 5 and galaxy know. >> it wasn't a landslide for apple makes it kind of a victory for samsung. last time around samsung infringed and owed about $1 billion to apple. >> reporter: this time the jury ordered samsung to play $120 million to apple. a small fraction of the $2.2 billion apple wanted. among the popular features it found samsung copied the slide to unlock button on some of its phones and auto correct. samsung accused apple of infringing two of
times" reporting this -- taking a look at issues in benghazi. writing -- again, that is from "the new york times." bodies ofom various congress putting out tweets, taking a look at this issue and giving their comments on it. from oxford, massachusetts on a line for those not sure, good morning. caller: good morning. i am not sure because there have been innocent people executed. i would like to make a comment about the humaneness, the humane aspect of this. why can't they just put a single bullet to the back of the head if the person is really guilty? it's cheap, it's quick -- why thethe debate about availability of drugs and so forth? host: as far as time is concerned, a tweets looking at the executions and length of each execution that has taken place. if you scroll lower it shows clayton lockett's execution at 43 minutes. propublica.out by oregon, support line. i agree an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. , they losts suffer loved ones. to go through appeals for 5, 10, 15 years. it costs taxpayers. are innocent, that is bad. if they are guilty, i agree with the last caller. of t
that speaker boehner is preparing to create a special select committee to look into benghazi. is that something you have talked to him about at all? just what is your reaction to that? >> that would be news to me. i've not had any -- i have not been informed by the speaker of his plans to establish such a commission, is it? benghazi is such a very sad event, more than event, a tragedy, and for the exploitation of it to be just never ending by the republicans is really hard to understand. >> all right. that was house minority leader nancy pelosi speaking with my colleague steve kornacki about the latest benghazi allegations. joining us is chicago sun times washington bureau chief, lynn sweet and ed o'keefe. thank you for joining us on a saturday. lynn, we'll start with you here. this latest benghazi revival comes over the e-mails we've been discussing just released by the administration that republicans claim show that the white house tried to rewrite the attack. when you look at the debate that's ensuing here as they have put out the request here to bring in secretary of state john kerry and wh
. almost two years after four americans were killed in benghazi, will we finally get justice? >> i have evidence that not only are they hiding it, there is an intent to hide it. >> latest on this benghazi bombshell. >> and caught on camera. media bias at its most outrageous. >> see what you are writing down there you just wrote down blah blah blah for everything that joe ray said. she respected woman why are you writing blah blah blah on your note bad. >> you thought it was bad in the press corps. this video will blow your mind. >> that's what my wife writes down when i talk is that wrong? ben affleck banned for life from a popular casino. wait until you see why. what was he doing there, batman? "fox & friends" right now. ♪ ♪ >> what is that from? that's the fox news trumpeter. >> the fastest two minutes in sports. >> the kentucky derby. >> why aren't threw? >> ainsley earhardt has on the bonnet this year. >> she is allergic to horses. can you smell the horses? i love this time of the year. spring is officially here. summer is right around the corner. moist, humid, rainy. janice dea
learned that the administration may have misled us about benghazi. only 67% of obamacare envoys have actually paid for coverage. tonight, if the white house thinks this job report is going to erase all that company may have another think thing coming. i am david asman and four neil cavuto. all they we have been hearing everyone celebrated new jobs numbers. bu
to investigate the 2012 benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead. now, this comes after the release of e-mails that proved a top white house aide instructed ambassador susan rice to blame the attack on a youtube video. in a moment, we'll talk to charles woods. he is the father of one of the victims, ty woods. but first, here with the very latest from the white house tonight is fox's own ed henry. ed? >> good evening, sean. this is dramatic new pressure on the president over benghazi because for several months, speaker boehner had been resisting calls from conservatives to appoint this special committee. he thought that the normal congressional process could go forward. but i'm told by boehner's aides that he reversed course because he was frustrated that this ben rose e-mail had come out. republicans believe because of subpoenas already issued, that subpoena and other documents should have been turned over months ago. so boehner now pushing ahead there. what also piqued republican interest in the past 24 hours is tommy vietor appearing on fox news last night and he called him dude,
election and republicans continue to fire up their base with obama care and benghazi and whatever. >> let's talk about that. i know you can be accused of being a marxist for saying this but i do think economic drives politics and i do believe if you look at all the great moments of our lives, you and gene and i, if you look at watergate, there's stagflation all around that. people had gas lines, we've got blame somebody for this crap. clinton on the o'hand swam through his because the economy was really good some of the con tenlts of most of the politics, personality and all, oftentimes comes in that package, that box that says how you doing? >> that's the whole atmosphere, you know. and so you take on the characteristics of the atmosphere, your term in office does. so change the atmospherics, you know, because the atmospherics should be getting better. >> that's what they're trying to do. they're making a big message if the news is bad, they're going be the ones that give the middle class and the working class a chance at fighting back. that is the sort of elegant and overarching strateg
. have a great weekend. lou: good evening, everyone. major new developments in the benghazi scandal. we began with house speaker john boehner who announced today the house of representatives will vote to create a select committee to investigate the benghazi attacks. speaker john boehner has read establishing such a committee for more than a year. despite white house defiant of correctional oversight. beaker bandit today cited the disclosure of incriminating e-mails in the white house as the motivating factor in creating a select committee. e-mails that showed been roads pushing the u.n. ambassador susan rice to blame the benghazi attacks on anti-islam video despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. evidence that we now know the white house was aware of her it's speaker boehner wrote that these revelations compel the house to take action to ensure the american people have the truth. i intend for them to have robust authority and bible expected to work quickly to get answers. the boehner reversal came just after there'll i set issued a subpoena for john kerry to appear before his com
deliberately deceive americans about the benghazi attack? well, today house speaker john boehner announced a special committee is being formed to investigate. the move comes after newly released emails advised susan rice to tell the world protests regarding a video. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, what are you talking about anything else? >> president obama is part of that chours. >> your detractors believe you did not tell the world it was a terrorist attack because of your campaign. >> finger pointing at someone else and not accepting the responsibility, eric. >> dudes, let me tell you something, i'm going to try and start every sentence with something. it was two year ago. yeah, it was two years ago. can you imagine the parents of the family -- the great americans who died atbenghazi. it's disgusting that kid could do that. look at jay carney, look at the national security spokesperson, they have the attitude why are you annoying us? benghazi is over. it matters because they lied about it and they covered up about it and if they were willing to do it for benghazi, they are willing do i
the benghazi attack? well, today house speaker john boehner announced a special committee is being formed to investigate. the move comes after newly released emails advised susan rice to tell the world protests regarding a video.
in benghazi. >> plus union thugs intimidating care takers of the disabled. one woman taking her fight to the supreme court. >> i don't want to be forced to join a union. >> and you can't miss this. ivanka trump on the record tonight. >> that first big development in benghazi. speaker of the house john boehner announcing the house will form a select committee to investigate the benghazi atta s attacks. also the oversight committee announcing it will subpoena secretary of state john kerry. good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> good. what do you think about this select committee? >> i'm glad the speaker did it. i had called for it several months ago despite the pact that i'm on one of the committees of jurisdiction. i think 20 months is too long to get answers to questions and i think with the ben rhodes memo that was the straw that broke the camel's back with respect to the speaker. not only are we trying to get questions with respect to benghazi we're also investigating what appears to be a white house cover up and one of the worst explaza magss for why they din turn the
-- then benghazi pacific league. i imagine that will be quite a combative hearing. >> the headline looks ahead to another combative issue, .esolution on lois lerner if that resolution passes the house oversight and government reform committee a few years ago and -- a few weeks ago and comes to a head. what will that look like you ? >> that has not been a lot of news. we're approaching the one-year anniversary. lois lerner is a key figure and she is not talking. republicans are bringing this measure. they want to get more answers. they think there's a lot more to this story. they will have this vote. it will be referred to the justice department for putting pressure on the justice department to seek criminal charges. it does put more pressure on the doj to at least look at this. >> interestingly, there is word that the senate may take up the fortone xl pipeline in call the opening of the pipeline and overruling with the administration wants to do. how did this come about yo? >> a lot of the red state democrats support the approval of keystone. most democrats and democratic leaders do not but th
lay dead in benghazi. an attack all the more shocking because it came on 9/11. the administration immediately blamed a youtube video for the murders. >> these protests were in reaction to a video. we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. >> that assertion was soon challenged by those in a position to know. as a former general who monitored the attack in real time, reiterated in testimony just this week. >> this was no demonstration gone terribly awry. >> the president dismissed the controversy as a partisan show. but now the news that there were likely -- to investigate what happened in benghazi suggest a different story. >> it is disturbing and perhaps criminal. >> good evening. i'm bret baier from our washington, d.c. newsroom. tonight, fox news reporting, benghazi. has a white house coverup been revealed? we start with breaking news. a stunning new development. on capitol hill, james rosen with the very latest. james? >> reporter: brett, good evening. john boehner announced his chamber will soon vote to create a special select house commit toy to inves
washington, d.c. >>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> diversion subterfuge. benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. whyerant we talking about something else? >> benghazi is a corpse. they tried to rouse it today, and it fell right back down. >> so the democratic excuse making begins, as evidence pointed to a white house benghazi cover-up mounts, will the main stream media help the left downplay the story? we'll tell you. >> i hope jeb runs. i think he would be a great president. >> does likely presidential contender jeb bush have what it takes to topple democratic darling hillary clinton in 2016? >> i'm confident he can reach out to people who may at this point feel like the republican party doesn't listen to him. >> a new report says he's gaining momentum. we'll take a look. >> his organization gave more money to the minority community than others. >> the leader of the l.a. naacp resigned under fire after planning to honor clippers owner donald sterling. does the civil rights organization really serve the folks? >>> caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins righ
with a certain topic. i'll give you a hint. it starts with b three syllables. >> benghazi,. >> benghazi. >> benghazi. >> jon: new york city but i can see where you might have got than impression. no new york city. it's a different three syllable syllable -- no, no, it's a different three syllable b word. >> beyonce. >> jon: yeah, beyonce. [ laughter ] as the singer herself has been mispronouncing it all these year beyonce. maybe it's not all of fox news but our good friend william o'reilly has a somewhat particular beef with miss bey. >> as you know i've been critical of beyonce for putting out music and videos that are libertine in tone. [ laughter ] >> jon: there's very little in this world that i like better than an upset bill o'reilly because the tone is such -- it's a levittown quut a sousicant of harvard served on a bed of nostalgic judgmentallism. it's the subject of our brand new segment bey watch. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> jon: a cynic may think that the seven times our friends william has recently showcases her sexiness on the program was merely an excuse to run pr
, , benghazi attack. he tweeted that americans deserve the truth about the attack that killed our ambassador. for look ahead to next week in congress, what is the point of forming this committee, bob cusack? >> it gives more power and more political pressure for republicans to address this issue. john boehner had previously not jumped on on this legislation that was called for by frank wolf, a republican from virginia who said we need to have a select committee, a bipartisan committee to look into this. he deferred to the committee chairman but the e-mails that have come out this week have changed the dynamic putting more pressure on speaker boehner. indicated -- boehner indicated we are going further. they're trying to figure out the makeup of it. boehner is going forward. >> is a likely the house before it?ill v vote on >> yes. i imagine it will pass. you may have a few democrats that may vote for it but most democrats say that republicans have politicized and ghazi and will vote no. the oversight committee has subpoenaed the secretary of state john kerry to test the i on the benghazi -- t
happened on t regarding the attacks on benghazi, in libya hey kevin...still eating chalk for hearburn? yea. try alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heart burn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. alka-seltzer fruit chews. enjoy the relief! to your old cleaning ways again not once you've tried mr. clean's new liquid muscle. it's a concentrated liquid gel with 2 1/2 times more power per drop, so a little goes a long way. new liquid muscle. when it comes to clean, there's only one mr. . >>> i want to turn to a question of credibility and it goes back to september 11, 2012, when the assault at the compound in benghazi killed four americans, the questions about who was to blame, then ambassador susan rice said the assault grew out of a protest on the video about the prophet, mohammed. republicans blasted that assertion, and later it became clear that an al-qaeda group was part of the terrorist attack. five months later, i interviewed president obama in the oval office. is it true that your statements and those of ambassador rice were simply repeating w
a committee today to investigate the september 11, 2012, attack on the u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. and separately the republican chairman of the house oversight committee, darrell issa, subpoenaed secretary of state john kerry to testify about the administration's response to the attack. skipping the usual step of issuing an official invitation to appear. a release of internal white house e-mails with new details about the response to the attack has raised questions among republicans about whether the administration was truthful about its initial characterization of the attack. >>> and in afghanistan, a desperate search tonight after days of heavy rain triggered a landslide in a remote village in the northeast. at least 153 people were killed and more than 2,000 are missing tonight. about 300 homes were buried. that's about 1/3 of all the houses in the area. >>> in this country, the news on unemployment took just about everyone by surprise today. 288,000 jobs were added in april. and that helped drive down the une
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